Classes and Workshops

Hands-On Learning

Whether you work in footwear or another industry entirely, learning to think differently will set you apart. We offer master classes, single day sessions, and customized course offerings to get you to the next level.

Mike has more than 30 years of experience creating performance products in the athletic footwear, product design, orthopedic, and theatrical industries, and he holds over 20 design patents. He truly understands how to create performance products.

Innovation isn’t a secret, it’s a mindset… Start thinking differently.

Single Day Sessions

7-hour session on one of the following topics

Intro to shoemaking (8-12 people)

Learn the terms of the trade and basic principles of athletic shoemaking. Gain a new understanding of how a shoe and the foot should work together to maximize performance and health. Discover traditional and cutting-edge construction techniques to create high performance footwear.

  • Footwear anatomy: industry terms and best practices
  • Principles of athletic shoemaking
  • Function of the foot and healthy footwear
  • What is a last and how is it used?
  • Fitting the shoe to the foot


Intro to footwear innovation: Performance and health (8-12 people)

Superior performance relies on physical health and product innovation. Gain a new understanding of how the foot interacts with the environment. Study past innovations and explore the future of footwear. Learn about design for disability and how constraint pushes innovation further faster.

  • Function of the foot and healthy footwear
  • Rethinking the design approach
  • The future of footwear
  • Specialty projects: Constraints push innovation
  • Hands-on approach


Origami: Folding 2D into 3D (8-12 people)

Origami has been used for centuries to create dimension from flat planes. Patterning makes 3D objects in much the same way. Learn how to manipulate flat paper into dynamic 3D forms. Fold your mind to think differently, and create your best work yet.

  • Mind shift through tactile experience
  • Technique development
  • Professional applications
  • Hands-on approach

Master Classes

For industry professionals with an interest in creating and applying new concepts. We encourage students to bring along a real project or design problem to work on.


Product Innovation - Minimum 3 Days (3-6 people)

Is your creative process the best it can be? Teach your brain to think differently and create your best work ever. Design products with superior performance, and change the industry with your next project.

  • Function of the foot and healthy footwear
  • Hands-on design
  • Subtractive design
  • Manipulation methods: 2D into 3D
  • Dynamics: design for movement
  • Half day lecture (2 days)
  • Half day concept generation (2 days)
  • Full day concept creation


Footwear Design and Construction - Minimum 3 Days (3-6 people)

Strengthen your design skills by learning how athletic footwear accentuates the body. Collaborate with the group to gain perspective and insight into footwear design. Generate concepts and build prototypes using unique construction techniques and materials.

  • Function of the foot and healthy footwear
  • Materials and their properties
  • Performance vs. heath in product design
  • Hands-on project
  • Half day lecture (2 days)
  • Half day concept generation (2 days)
  • Full day concept creation


Customized Course - Minimum 3 Days (3-6 people)

Solve a real design challenge with a deeper understanding of how the body and product interact. We will address your specific project needs through study and hands-on application of techniques.

  • Dynamic solutions for healthy product
  • Patterning and construction techniques
  • Create your own prototypes
  • Half day lecture (2 days)
  • Half day exploration and concept creation session (2 days)
  • Full day exploration and concept creation session


Scheduling a Course

Call 971.219.6552 or email Mike to book a course in the studio.

Single Day Session

Learn what athletic footwear design, construction, and innovation is all about. Attend a session to learn about the industry or shift toward the cutting edge.


Master Classes

These sessions are for industry professionals to learn more about how the foot and footwear should work together to push the boundaries of athletic performance. Think differently, enhance your skills, and rise above the competition.


Add a Session

Expand any of the existing classes with more studio time, more in-depth information, or an origami class.


Customize a Session

Do you have a project or team objective that you want to work on? Contact us to customize a session for your needs.